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Now Available for Online Coaching

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Being in the technology industry over 25 years has allowed me to fulfill many roles including leader, change agent and problem solver.  

Throughout my career, I have made many mistakes but with each failure I discovered valuable lessons that would propel me to perform at a higher level. I will share this process with you.

Knowledge + Experience 

I will give you practical advise and real life examples to help you determine which path is best for you and take your next actionable steps. Book a discovery call with me today!

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Steve M

"If you find yourself spinning your wheels in trying to move your career forward, do yourself a favor and talk to Coach Anil. Through his support, motivation and unique business perspectives, I’m confident he can help you on your quest for your next career move."

Mini G

"I love his style of coaching as I feel we work on actionable steps in each session which makes me feel like I am moving forward. He has helped me gain clarity with respect to my career choices and I look forward to working with him in the future as well."

George-Ann W

"Anil created such a safe and positive space for me to think through the challenges I faced with holding myself accountable. A true coach, he empowered me to make the decisions I needed to be a better version of myself. Truly worth every second!"
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